Miss Fox is a visual and dramatic artist who trained at the prestigious Central Saint Martins College in London. Miss Fox draws her inspiration from the beauty, light, spirit and colour of the places she visits and the places she imagines.

Miss Fox has developed her own style using mixed media on canvas, wood & metal to create unique, strong and original pieces. Fox's trademark use of vibrant colour combined with a fluid-like quality has led to her work being described as “Mesmerising and Hypnotic.” Fox often works with staged lighting installations to truly bring out the vivid colours of her work.

Miss Fox is based in London & Los Angeles & creates stunning & original pieces for galleries, homes, companies & private collectors around the world.

After Miss Fox's recent success at her solo show in Hollywood in May 2017, she is delighted to be exhibiting again in Hollywood in August 2017 & April 2018. 

Welcome to the colourful world of Miss Fox.

The Fabulous Miss Fox